Thursday, October 15, 2009

sign on the dotted line

Sorry about the minimal updating this week! I'v had tests in Macro and Calc and it's homecoming week here at UF so we have events every night!

Last night my sorority had a social the gentlemen of two fraternities and the theme was "Party like a Rockstar". In the process of getting ready I was excited to use my black, faux leather bag which has just a few studs at the base of the handles and little silver chain details around.

This bag is great for everything! from days when I want to wear just jeans and a tee to sundresses (it's still summer in Florida, guys) and even when I party like a rockstar. I'm a purse whore, but I think one of the essential items every girl needs is a good, versatile bag.

With cool details or even bright colors, this investment into a versatile piece will make it your signature bag!

What are some other signature pieces of this season that you think is worth investing in?

-Meredith Leigh

PS. you should check out this contest!

white gold promise rings


Erika said...

Balenciaga...the ideal party like a rock star bag. The gold studding is hardcore yet demure all at once - simply stunning!

Signature pieces of the season...a killer knit hat, coat, and boots. :)

Tights Lover said...

The way it looks, I'd say a scarf and nice boots are key. Love the bags!!

la petite fashionista said...

meredith! i didn't know you had a fashion blog :) it's so cute!

Emily Cato said...

Boots!! Definitely boots!

And ohhh I like that yellow bag!
I hope you have a great weekend girl!

LML said...

im loving some of those f21 bags!

simplycheapchic said...

i love how so many of you guys mentioned boots! i really like good boots, too!!

and yes, forever 21 has AWESOME bags!

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