Friday, October 9, 2009

all girls play dress up!

This year, my Halloween will be spent at The Landing in Jacksonville with some of my sorority sisters and other Gator and Dawg fans alike. It will be Halloween night and the Gators will have just capture another victory against UGA (yes, I’m that confident) so we’ll want to celebrate in costume style.
The thing that always worries me with Halloween is that I don’t want to be the only crazy person all dressed up. The perfect costume is easy and completely obvious so that there’s no confusion as to whether you’re dressed up or if you really do look like that. I decided to share a few simple, easy to do ideas for Halloween that I’ve picked up on from friends or costume ideas from date functions.

Toga: yes, a toga. The modern version of the classic getup involves brightly colored, shiny fabric which you can wrap around your body to highlight your assets and hide everything else. Get creative with shiny fabric, gold rope, bangles and cuff jewelry, headpieces, etc. Bright gold eye shadow as part of your makeup would also highlight the sexy Greek goddess in you.

Boxer: This is the comfiest of all outfits if you ask me. Pair a sports bra with either hot shorts or a pair of short athletic shorts. If you don’t have gloves, just tape up your wrists and hands (think Rocky) and if you want and extra touch, hit up your local Wal-Mart for a mouth guard and/or create a black eye using smoky eye colors and some plum colors.

Biker babe: Almost every girl still has those jorts or the jean skirt that was already ripped to shreds at the time of purchase and now you have an excuse to wear it again. Pair this with a black cami or vintage rock tee (which you could alter to your liking). All types of boots and heels work for this look, especially black. Don’t forget the shades and the bandana wrapped around the teased out hair. Red lipstick and a B.A. tat (draw it in eyeliner, then hairspray over it to stay) will complete this look.

What have been some of your best halloween costumes?

-Meredith Leigh


Erika said...

Going as an Olsen (namely Mary-Kate) is always simple. Just loads of layers and a cup from Starbucks and you're set! I like the biker babe idea! :)

simplycheapchic said...

that's really cute!
(and sounds like a really easy to wear/ comfy idea!)

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