Friday, October 9, 2009

comfort is always in

When I was young enough to legitimently shop and pick out clothes for myself, my mama taught me a very important lesson—before you fall in love, check the price tag. This philosophy has helped me with everything from men, to picking the right college and of course with fashion. I love looking at celeb clothes and I wish I could pull off the $500 tops that look like I don’t care. But in reality, especially with the current economic situation, I’d rather save my $500 the pay for a shirt that I could totally fingerpaint myself.

I’ve learned that you can get that celeb look without paying celeb prices. I’m not a huge Miley fan, but the girl has great taste in clothes. What I love about her fashion is that she goes for simple, cute, and comfy—an outfit without reason to complain. So, she is today’s inspiration! I’ve taken an outfit she was recently spotted in and found the pieces at common stores like Walmart and Forever 21.

Enjoy this awesomely comfy look from Miley and have a great weekend!

-Meredith Leigh

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